12 Reasons why your baby may be waking

Babies wake during the night, it’s normal baby behavior and expected, but sometimes those wakings can be understandable and managed or avoided entirely.

12 Reasons why your baby may be waking:

1.Temperature: Use the correct tog sleeping bag to suit the room temperature and dress baby according to tog guidelines. (according to UK guidelines, the perfect temp for your baby’s room is 18–20’C.)

2.Overtired: Don’t keep baby awake past his tired signs or his personal awake time (time he can happily be awake for before becoming tired and then overtired)

3.Light: Use blackout blinds.

4.Hunger: Do a feed.

5.Wet nappy: Double up with 2 nappies or change nappy before a night feed.

6.llness/ teething: Double dose of love. Treat baby and keep him/her as comfortable as possible.

7.Noise: Your everyday household noise may be waking your baby and so might be the outdoor noise of your baby’s environment; such as children playing in a near by park, dogs barking, cars, aeroplanes passing overhead, trains etc. Mask and counter balance these sounds by using White Noise.

8.The energy of baby’s room is not conducive to sleep: Follow Feng Shui guidelines on how to set up your baby’s room for optimum sleep energy or get in touch with Feng Shui Specialist Denise O’Dwyer Feng Shui to help set up your baby’s room perfectly.

9.Baby is experiencing pain or discomfort: Look into reflux, silent reflux, allergies and intolerances and get your baby the care and necessary attention they need to help relieve their symptoms and discomfort.

10.Eczema: Get your baby looked at by a paediatrician to find the root cause of the eczema. Often eczema is food related and may be an indication of an allergy or intolerance.

11.Baby’s pj’s are uncomfortable and scratchy: Only use 100% organic cotton for your baby to sleep in and cut off all the labels which could make your baby itch.

12.Baby is uncomfortable in her cot: Invest in a high-quality mattress and linen. Jerry Cheshire, Bed Specialist and owner of Surrey Beds, recommends using a good quality foam mattress. (Don’t forget to cover with a waterproof mattress protector to protect the mattress.) Use 100% organic cotton/bamboo cot sheets.

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